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The 18   Annual Library Leadership Institute
Leading in the Virtual World – Beyond Web of Things
Hong Kong | 17 - 22 January 2022


Organized by The University of Hong Kong Libraries in conjunction with JULAC



Following on from the successful Institutes held since 2003, the University of Hong Kong Libraries, in conjunction with JULAC (The Joint University Librarians Advisory Committee), is pleased to announce the 18th Library Leadership Institute with the theme of Leading in the Virtual World – Beyond Web of Things.

This Institute will provide senior librarians from Hong Kong who aspire to develop their critical thinking and leadership capabilities with the unique opportunity to develop new skills in the volatile area of management and leadership in the information sector. The program will provide a cost effective means of accessing the excellent management training services provided by experts in the field from the United States, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The primary objectives of the Institute are:

  1. To develop and enhance management and leadership qualities in academic and research librarians in the Asia region, and;

  2. To enhance collaboration and foster relations among academic and research libraries in the region.


The Institute will be conducted over 4 days. Attendance at the Institute requires all attendees to be fully participative, enabling them to explore their own leadership and management styles as well as learning new techniques from facilitators and from other attendees. The Institute will focus on the individual manager's role in providing leadership within a complex and changing library environment.

The 2022 Institute

The 2022 Institute

We were unable to hold our Institute in 2020 or 2021. The past two years have been extraordinary for Hong Kong and the global community. Social unrest and civil disturbances impacted all aspects of Hong Kong society including its libraries throughout the second half of 2019. Following quickly on this unrest was the global pandemic of COVID-19 in 2020, which affected all corners of the globe and then continued into 2021 with the highly contagious Delta Variant.

These sequences of events led to disruptions to Hong Kong society including the closure of key social foundations such as business, government and education. Libraries were not exempt from these disruptions. With a key aim of protecting library users, staff and collections, the need for rapid and responsive decisions was essential. Additionally, in attempting to provide continuity of service under such conditions, new initiatives of service provision were developed and innovative mechanisms for their delivery were tested and advanced. Libraries demonstrated their ability to maintain their impact and lead in the virtual world. In the continuing spirit of collaboration, HKUL is delighted to co-organise this year’s Institute with JULAC (The Joint University Librarians Advisory Committee), where so many examples of leading in a virtual world were demonstrated over these recent years.


Since 2003, The University of Hong Kong Libraries Annual Library Leadership Institute was held with the dual aim of: developing and enhancing management and leadership qualities in academic and research librarians in the Asia region, and; enhancing collaboration and fostering relations among academic and research libraries in the region. The 2022 Institute, our 18th Annual Library Leadership Institute will be different.

How will the 2022 Institute be different?

How will the 2022 Institute be different?

Different times call for different approaches. After cancelling the Institute these past two years, we have deemed it necessary to make some changes from the usual format in the interests of health and safety:

  • By necessity due to travel restrictions, we will limit participation to local librarians

  • There will be no residential component to the Institute.

Institute Content

Institute Content

As in previous years, participants will engage in learner-driven activities designed to build skills and awareness required of leaders in a rapidly changing and disruptive library environment. These sessions will be a mix of formal presentations, small group discussions and interactive simulation activities.

Topics covered will include;

  • Leadership and leadership development in libraries 

  • The 4th Industrial Revolution and its impact on libraries

  • Supporting digital transformation in libraries 

  • Strategies and skill sets to survive and thrive in the changing academic landscape 

  • Partnering with academics in virtual teaching and learning 

  • Innovation of library services to enhance learning experience and outcome

  • Others.



The Institute will be held from 17 to 20 January 2022.

Institute Venue



2    Floor

Main Library

The University of Hong Kong. <Map>




The total cost for attending the Institute is HKD$700 per person. The costs for the Institute cover:

  • Course materials

  • 4 lunches

  • Library and cultural visits

  • Morning and afternoon teas

  • Service charges, administrative fees and taxes.





As the numbers for the Institute are strictly limited, please submit your registration via the online registration form no later than 31 October 2021. An acknowledgement will be sent upon receipt of your registration.


Note: Completion of the online registration form does not guarantee successful registration for the Institute. Cash or cheques will not be accepted onsite. Payment is non-refundable and registration is not transferable to another applicant.

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